New technology Agristretch Crystal bale wrap provides quality protection of your baled silage.

It’s as clear as Crystal!



Clear, transparent film

Bales blend easily to the environment

Quality of silage in the bale can be seen

Makes it easer to trade silage bales based on quality  

Excellent Oxygen Barrier
Minimises spoilage and maximises silage quality
Very High Puncture Resistance
Fewer punctures, fewer repairs, no mould. Provides you with better silage
Optimal adhesion (High tackabillity)
Stops water, stops air, reduces tails, maximises silage quality
Very High UV resistance
Maximises the life of the wrap, no breakdown of the wrap which provides better silage for you
Plastic Core
Gives strength and prevents the core from collapsing from moisture. This makes the product easy to use.
70% Stretch (Up to 80%)
High yield of bales from each role
High Temperature Stability
No telescoping or loss of tack effectiveness under Australian conditions




750mm x 1500m x 25um

Clear/Transparent in Color (As Pictured)

40 rolls / Pallet


12 Months UV resistant