Efficient and Convenient Bale Wrapping    


When you are wrapping round bale silage, you want the best possible  sealing and the highest oxygen barrier possible to help provide high quality silage.

Agri-Stretch® Extra Plus is a specially developed 3 layer film with enhanced unwinding characteristics and greater temperature stability for Australian conditions.

Sourced from one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of quality film,
Agri-Stretch Extra Plus offers the latest technology in silage film.

The “Extra Plus” tag denotes that this product has been specially developed for theAustralian and New Zealand markets.  




Feature Benefit
Class leading oxygen barrier Minimizes spoilage, maximises silage quality
Very high puncture resistance Fewer punctures from pests and stalky material, fewer repairs, no mould, better silage
Optimal adhesion (high tackability) Stops water, stops air, reduces tails, maximizes silage quality
Very high UV resistance maximizes life of wrap, better silage
Plastic core Gives strength, prevents collapse of core due to moisture, easy to use
70% stretch (up to 80%) High yield of bales from each roll,
High temperature stability No telescoping or loss of tack effectiveness under Australian conditions



750mm x 1500m x 25µ

Grass Green

40 rolls / Pallet

12 months UV resistance



Agri-Stretch Extra Plus brochure