Auswet 1000

Auswet 1000 Label

A general purpose wetting agent for use with herbicides in broadacre and horticulture.

AUSWET 1000 is a non-ionic 1000g/L wetting agent for improvement of spray coverage when using agricultural chemicals.

AUSWET 1000 can be used where the addition of a non-ionic surfactant is recommended on the agricultural label.

Situation Rate per 100L Critical comments
Non-Selective Herbicides
Foliar active
25 - 100mL Use the higher rate on waxy, hairy or hard to wet surfaces. Increase rate for dry soils
Selective Herbicides
In Crop Use
25 - 100mL Use when a surfactant is recommended on herbicide labels. Use the higher rate on waxy, hairy or hard to wet surfaces
Soil residual herbicides 100 - 400mL When applied with soil residual herbicides to standing weeds, add AUSWET 1000 to thoroughly wet foliage. Consult product labels for individual recommendations
Horticulture Insecticides, fungicides and Growth regulators 40 - 100mL Vary rate according to the volume and nature of the target. Use only when recommended on product labels
Paraquat and Diquat Herbicides 25 - 100mL Vary rate according to spray volume. Select rate in accordance with product labels
Pasture Topping
For use with Glyphosate CT
125mL As above
Watering of turf and dust abatement. As additive to water 40 - 100mL Use a higher rate when watering turf
Fire Fighting
Water Tanker
In this field, AUSWET 1000 has the advantage of less weight to carry compared with less concentrated surfactants and of being non-flammable.It increases the wetting power of water which assists in quick control and mopping up of fires. It is of particular value where water may not be readily available, when a less drenching spray is needed and a tankful will cover a bigger area.

Available in 5L and 20L packs.

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