BioCrystal Kurstaki

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BioCrystal® Kurstaki - an easy to use water based Bt insecticide for use in horticulture and field crops.

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Latest news:

New extended shelf life.

Based on research data provided to the APVMA, the latest APVMA approved Biocrystal Kurstaki label now has a storage shelf life of "at least" 34 months from the date of manufacture when stored at 25 degrees C.

BioCrystal® Kurstaki is a biological insecticide containing the well established strain of the Bacillus thuringiensis bacterial insect killer that growers using soft option insect control sprays have come to know well.

It will change your perception of Bt insecticides.

The bacteria in BioCrystal Kurstaki are grown in a facility based on the Gold Coast, and uses a new Australian TGAC following a detailed research program over a number of years to prove the new product's efficacy.

BioCrystal Kurstaki comes in a user friendly aqueous liquid formulation that provides trouble free handling. It does not contain suspended clays, and will not block nozzles and screens. Market research has shown that fruit and vegetable growers want a more robust liquid product that does not cause them problems with blockages and hold-ups. This new product will change their perceptions of Bt insecticides.

An added bonus is that it also contains a unique feeding attractant that helps to overcome avoidance of the spray by grubs.

Used widely in IPM systems, BioCrystal kurstaki is soft on beneficial insects, insect predators, the environment, and is harmless to bees. It has no withholding period or re-entry period, so can be used right up to harvest.

BioCrystal kurstaki is available in 1L, 5L and 20L packs from your local Ag retailer.

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