Our wide range of markers includes both rhodamine and vegetable dye based markers to fit the widest range of circumstances that farmers will demand.

Our marking foams provide a high quality long lasting, high expansion foam for use when boom spraying.

Product Intensity Concentration Comment
Ausdye® 150 High High Rhodamine; spot spraying
Ausdye® 25 High Medium Rhodamine; spot spraying
Prodye Red® Medium Vegetable base; spot spraying
Prodye Blue® Medium Vegetable based; recreational turf
Pro-Mark White® White foam for boom spraying
Pro-Mark Pink® Pink foam for boom spraying
Pro-Mark Blue® Blue foam for boom spraying

Following are our marker products:

Ausdye 150
Ausdye 25
Prodye Red
Prodye Blue
Pro-Mark White
Pro-Mark Pink
Pro-Mark Blue