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Unleash the power of your sprays!

Hard water has long been a problem with the effectiveness of many chemical actives and product formulations.

PROMAX will enhance the effectiveness of certain herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliants and foliar fertilisers when used as directed.

PROMAX is an advanced blend of esterfield canola oil and a package of premium non-ionic surfactants especially designed for use in hard water to reduce antagonism with chemical actives.

This advanced formula formula enables PROMAX to assist with control of hard to control weeds such as Fleabane.

PROMAX has proven ideal for mixing with glyphosate 450 for use in fallow weed control. Grower experience supports this use pattern.

See the technote below.

Recent trial work has also shown that Promax mixed with glyphosate herbicide will help to provide the best sorghum sprayout and dry-down prior to harvest. See the technote below.


Enhances Effectiveness of:


Water that contains high levels of dissolved calcium or magnesium is described as being hard. The hardness of water is related to the dissolved minerals it contains, primarily calcium, magnesium and carbonate and bi­carbonate ions these have a buffering capacity and resist pH changes. Hardness also affects the wetting ability of water and can damage equipment with a build up of calcium. Water containing more then 200 parts of these mineral salts is considered to high far effective chemical use.(Mg/l = milligrams per litre)

Water Hardness: Terms and Conversion

Mg/l CaCO3 Described as:
0-50 soft
50-100 Fairly soft
100-200 slightly hard
200-300 moderately hard
300-540 hard

Promax Brochure

Technote: Sorghum Sprayout effectivemess using Glyphosate and Adjuvants

Technote: Promax  - Fleabane testimonials

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