Prosil 1000

Prosil 1000 Label

A non-ionic wetter/spreader/penetrant for use as a spray additive for improve pentration of several agricultural pesticides. PROSIL 1000 is an organosilicone based surfactant containing a unique blend of various polymers

A special purpose super spreader/penetrant for use with herbicides for improved control of woody weeds and hairy leaved weeds in summer fallow sprays.

Sprayer Rates Critical Comments
Herbicides 200ml / 100L water Add PROSIL 1000 to the recommended rates as per label directions
Fungicides 30-60ml / 100L water Use higher rates on hard to wet surfaces and with water volumes less than 400L/ha
Insecticides & Miticides 200ml / 100L water  

Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L packs.

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