Zilltec 240 Protective Silage Covers

Protect your covered and sealed silage from the environment by using the latest mesh covering systems

The combination of latest weaving technology and  Zill’s quality controls ensure a regular weave,

a high UV stability, a high slide resistance of the fabric and therefore a long and useful life.

Zilltec 240 Silo Covers and  Zill Silo Bags are specially manufactured from 100% high quality, virgin HDPE.

Your advantages:

Zilltec 240 protective covers are recommended to be used with the innovative TOPDECK Silage Covering System.

This system uses Rhinotech Transparent Plastic as the first layer, then the standard pit cover, and topped off by the Zilltec240 Protective covers and Zill bags.

Details can be seen in the technote: TopDeck Silage Sealing System.


Feature Benefit
Protects silage and covers from damage by birds, animals and hail. No loss of silage, better quality silage
Durable 240g/sqm, 100% high quality virgin HDPE with 10 year life Cost effective, long lasting, write off over 10 years
No need for tyres or splits Clean job, no vermin, snakes or redbacks. Cheaper than tyres
Extra weight holds plastic covers closer to silage surface Less air trapped. less liklihood of mould on surface of silage, better quality silage.
Zill Bags only need to be placed along edges of Zill 240 covers Fewer weights needed, makes covering the silage easier and quicker
High resitance to tearing Helps to assure 10 year life

Zilltec 240 & Zill Silo Bag Brochure