Netexx Diamond Round Bale Net Wrap


Get the Diamond Advantage.

Through extensive field testing and continuous development, we present Netexx Diamond

with all new patented T2R technology

Sourced from one of Europe’s quality assured suppliers, new ultra high strength, fully reinforced

Netexx Diamond allows contractors and farmers alike to "bale with ultimate strength".

Diamond technology gives higher strength to match the requirements of today's new high density balers. Bales of maxium weight can be made.


Feature Benefit
Heavy Duty Tight bales that hold, lasts longer
Patented Diamond Weave Technology Gives strength lengthways and sideways. Stronger without the extra weight. Wlks more eaily to the edge of the bale. 12% stronger than other regular net.
Fully reinforced across the width

Tight flat bales that don't expand when released. Flat surface, no flared edges on bale. Won't let go.

Use half a turn less per bale (min 2 turns) Use less net per bale for a lower cost
UV protected Longer life, less breakdown in the sun.
Indicator stripes - end of roll, and "roll out" Easy to use, no dramas


                 Netexx Diamond Patented Diamond Weave                            



                                  Standard Net Z pattern


Important  Note:

Netexx Diamond is completely different to all nets that come before it.

It has different characteristics and behavior to conventional netwrap.

All balers need to be set up to run Netexx Diamond.

Make sure the baler is adjusted to give high tension on the net.

This will aid spreading, and is required for a good cut of the net.

Ensure cutting knives are sharp, and properly adjusted for a full cut.

Netexx Diamond Specifications

1.23m x 2000m


36 rolls / Pallet

1.23m x 3000m


32 rolls / Pallet

1.30m x 3000m
32 rolls / Pallet

Netexx Diamond brochure