A World First In New Technology For the Treatment of Silage

If you are making silage, and want the best quality silage, then one of your first considerations will be the silage inoculant that gives you the best possible result.

Delivers Fresh Growing Bacteria to Your Crop.

Si-LAC's unique technology enables silage bacteria to be applied the the crop fresh and actively growing, when used as directed.

SI-LAC inoculant was developed for local conditions, and remains the only Australian made inoculant.

SI-LAC delivers high levels of Lactobacillus plantarum resulting in a rapid drop in pH.

SI-LAC is used with confidence annually by a large majority of feedlots in all Australian states.

SI-LAC is the preferred inoculant of large dairy operations world wide.


Benefits of SI-LAC

Available in 50 tonne, 250 tonne packs.

Download the full Si-Lac Brochure here