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We have developed products which include silage & hay inoculants, crop protection, fodder packaging and production equipment.

Grevillia Ag is the silage and hay specialist and has, over many years, developed leading-edge technology to assist in the making of the best quality silage and hay. At Grevillia Ag we continue to assess agricultural technology to identify areas with potential for improvement. Our aim is to supply leading-edge solutions by continually improving existing technologies and introducing new answers to your problems. To this end, we have also developed a range of Crop Protection products that utilise our in-house expertise in adjuvant technology.


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Making quality silage starts with Si-Lac. Tried and Trusted, Australian developed and made Inoculant delivers Fresh Growing Bacteria to your Silage.

Si-Lac Extra

If you are making high quality silage, then one of your first considerations will be the silage inoculant that gives you the best possible result. Especially developed for round bale silage and when heating at feed out is an issue.

Si-Lac Hay Forte

SI-LAC Hay Forte is a new generation, vacuum packed bacterial hay preservative containing Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus buchneri.

Protec Plus

The proven performer combines the benefits of esterified virgin canola oil with non-ionic surfactants. PROTEC PLUS enhances the effectiveness of certain herbicides, insecticides and defoliants. . .


PROMAX will enhance the effectiveness of certain herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliants and foliar fertilisers when used as directed. . .

Pro-Kleen Granular

A proprietary pesticide tank cleaner and decontaminant that will successfully decontaminate virtually all pesticides including Sulfonylurea and Phenoxy based herbicides. . .

Agri Stretch Extra Plus

When you are wrapping round bale silage, you want the best possible sealing and the highest oxygen barrier possible to help provide high quality silage. Agri-Stretch® Extra Plus is a specially. . .


Pro-Net provides a heavy duty option for discerning contractors and farmers who want to make quality hay & silage bales. Available in or green or white, farmers and contractors can choose their...

Pro-Twine Large

Blue colour – Easily seen, heavy duty, strong, won’t let go. Suitable for use in all large square baling machines. Twin packs for easy handling. HD Baler Twine, knot strength: 221kg...

Silage Covers

You’ve gone to the trouble of making quality silage, so why not ensure it retains as much nutrition and quality by using an airtight quality European made silage cover from Grevillia Ag?


Application rates and water usage have long been problems which many contractors and growers have had up until now. Current application methods for silage inoculants have previously proven to be very inaccurate.

Making Hay & Silage

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Making hay is a common method of preserving fodder and straw around the world. View this page to read our break-down on making hay.

Silage has become a regular and valuable feed input for a range of livestock enterprises. View this page to read more about what makes good silage.

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