Silage & Hay Inoculant

Si-Lac Extra


Delivering Fresh Growing Bacteria to Your Hay or Silage

Whether you are making hay or making silage, Si-Lac Extra is your first choice in silage and hay inoculants. Tried and trusted in the Australian market, Si-Lac Extra uses the unique “Fresh Culture” Si-Lac technology that delivers fresh, actively growing, and fast acting bacteria to your hay or silage. Containing 3 bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterococcus faecium for fast action, and Lactobacillus buchneri for cooling.

Si-Lac Extra:

Unique formulation allows the bacteria to revive quickly and actively grow in your tank before it's applied to the crop

Zero lag time ensures faster ensiling by speeding pH reduction and minimising the loss of energy and protein due to heat

Bale earlier and up to 25% moisture


  • Allows hay to be made when moisture levels are up to 25%
  • Enables earlier baling, helping with the weather risk
  • Increases in strength - up to 10 times - once mixed
  • Long tank mix life - once mixed, lasts for 5-14 days depending on temperature
  • Will not foul tanks and nozzles - suitable for use with 50 mesh filters
  • Helps maintain quality - by retaining leaf through less turning
  • Lower growth of yeast and moulds
  • Does not require continuous refrigeration
  • Suitable for all crops
  • User friendly
  • Cost effective - offers great value for money


  • Si-Lac Extra is ideal for use when making hay, especially with moisture levels up to 25%. Bale earlier and retain the nutritional value of your crop
  • Si-Lac Extra is an Australian developed fresh culture inoculant containing three different bacteria that create a stable environment to help eliminate heating bacteria
  • Si-Lac Extra can be used when making hay or silage
  • Si-Lac Extra provides, more digestible protein, greater dry matter yield and greater energy yields
  • Si-Lac Extra provides, more digestible protein, greater dry matter yield and greater energy yields
  • Si-Lac Extra helps to prevent the silage from heating up at feedout. When the silage is heated, it can lose its nutritional value and become less palatable to animals

Important Application Guidelines

  • Always read and heed the label
  • For best results, SI-LAC EXTRA is applied to hay as it is baled. The inoculant mixture is sprayed from a nozzle mounted in the throat of the baler over the hay after it has been picked up prior to compaction
  • Ensure that applicators are properly calibrated to deliver the correct amount of SI-LAC EXTRA per bale and per tonne
  • Ensure that all bales are treated. If untreated hay is baled and stacked with SI-LAC EXTRA treated hay, the untreated bales may heat and cause the whole hay-stack to catch fire

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