Round Bale Silage Film Range

Grevillia Ag knew it had to have better products or differentiation if it was to enter the silage wrap market successfully. So we searched the world and sourced products that have class-leading specifications and features.

Agristretch Extra Plus is our premium silage wrap, from Coveris (formerly Britten Unterland).

BPS Pro-Wrap is a product that has many top quality features such as 70% stretch, plastic cores and high puncture resistance.

Agristretch Crystal is our latest patented, transparent round bale silage film that has many benefits for growers and contractors.

This film will enable growers and traders to be able to see the quality of baled silage without opening the bale. This is “clear as crystal”. The transparent film contains UV protection, so silage will NOT be sun affected or bleached. Another important consideration is that round bales wrapped with Agristretch Crystal will blend easily into the environment.

View our product pages for more information:

View our product pages for more information: