Non-ionic Wetting Agents

Wetting agents are the most basic of adjuvants, essentially breaking the surface tension of the droplets of spray to spread the droplets over the spray target more readily.

Most wetting agents are based on older technology alcohol alkoxylates (as in Auswet 1000 and other generic versions).

More recent developments are products using new technology 1000g/L of nonyl phenols and alcohol ethoxylates, such as Econ-A-Wett® 1000 Lo-Foam.

Econ-a-wett 1000 is a premium quality product especially formulated to have minimal foaming. Foaming presents a real nuisance and contamination danger for spray operators.

Econ-A-Wett 1000 can be used in a wide range of situations to improve spray contact and coverage of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides used in broadacre cropping.

Auswet 600 and other 600g/L wetting agents are often specified for horticultural and certain field crop situations. Auswet 600 is also a low foam formulation and widely specified due to it’s superior formulation and low foam capabilities.