Oil Based Spray Adjuvants

Oil spray adjuvants can be broken into sub-groups. Oldest technology is represented by mineral oil spray adjuvants (think of them as FJ Holdens). More recent developments include canola oil spray adjuvants (Protec Oil, Codacide, Synertrol) (Think of these as EH Holdens). The newest technology includes what are known as the “Esterified canola oil” spray adjuvants. (Think of these as the latest HSV Holdens.) These include Protec Plus, Promax and others. There are a range of qualities amongst these products, with some products specifying only “vegetable oils”. Some products may use old cooking oils that may be heat affected.

Mineral Oil Adjuvants

A number of labels may specify a mineral oil. Products include Uptake® Oil, Ad-here, CropShield, Enhance etc.

Esterified Canola Oil Adjuvant/Penetrants

Protec Plus®

An esterified canola oil based spreader sticker and penetrant with non-ionic wetting agent included. It maximises the performance of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide sprays by increasing droplet deposition, droplet spread and uptake into the target. It aids the formation of uniformly sized spray droplets to reduce water evaporation and therefore minimise drift. Trials have shown that rainfastness can occur within 20 minutes. Protec Plus is non-phytotoxic at recommended rates and is compatible with most commonly applied sprays. Similar products include Hasten® and Kwikin.


Promax is also based on esterified canola oil, but includes a superior premium surfactant package that makes it suitable for use with hard water. It represents an improvement over standard esterified canola oil products such as Protec Plus. Anecdotal evidence from growers indicates that Promax assists in providing improved control of hard to kill weeds such as Fleabane. Features and benefits that apply to Protec Plus also apply to Promax. Promax is totally different to products such as “Hot-Up” – it does NOT contain sulphate of ammonia. Unlike Hot-Up, Promax can be used in-crop with post-emergent sprays.