Protec Oil


Protec Oil is an emulsified vegetable oil spray adjuvant, which is characterised by a long polymer chain structure. Added to this vegetable oil is a new generation emulsifier.

When premixed with your chemicals in the spray tank, that long polymer chain physically binds to chemical droplets, totally encapsulating them.

After this occurs the Protec Oil becomes a primary carrier for the chemical, while water added to the premix in the spray tank becomes the secondary carrier or bulking agent.

PROTEC OIL improves the performance of agricultural sprays by augmenting wetting, sticking, drift control and other properties.

It can be used with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators.



Critical Comments

Broadacre & Boom spray application rate products

250ml – 2L/Ha

Use the lower rate when using Low

Aerial, CDA or ULV(Low volume)

 ULV(Low volume)
250ml – 2L/Ha

Misting Machines (Low volume)

 ULV(Low volume)
250ml – 2L/Ha

Hand Gun (Spot Spraying)

200ml / 100L water


20-30ml / 10L water

Tree orchard plantation spraying (High Volume)

150ml – 200ml / 100L water
or 1.5L – 2.5L / Ha

Additional Information