A food grade defoaming agent for the suppression of excess foam build up in spray tanks and fruit dipping tanks.

D-FOAM is a foam suppressant specifically designed for use in agricultural chemical sprayers and dip tanks (when grading stone and pome fruit).

D-FOAM is designed to reduce the amounts of foam produced during agitation when mixing surfactants or other agricultural products in all situations.

D-FOAM should be used before the build up of foam restricts the filling of the tank.

D-FOAM can be added directly to the tank or premixed with water at a ratio of 1:5.

Available in 1L and 5L packs



Critical Comments

Agricultural spray tanks

20-100ml/1000 Litres

Use rate will depend on the amount of foam present.
Where large quantities are forming better control may be achieved by prediluting D-FOAM 1:5 in water before addition to tank.

Dip Tanks

20ml/1000 Litres

Vary usage as required

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